O Nata Lux

Simply beautiful text & music!

O Light born of light, 

Jesus, redeemer of the world,

with loving-kindness deign to receive

suppliant praise and prayer.

Thou who once deigned to be clothed in flesh

for the sake of the lost,

grant us to be members

of thy blessed body.


Auditory Illusions

Get a pair of headphones or earbuds & check out these cool Holophonic sound clips.



The Seal Lullaby

One of my favorite composers is Eric Whitacre.  He writes mainly choral literature.  However, his band transcriptions give the wind ensemble a chance to play lyrical and expressive works.  Eric Whitacre's transcription of "Seal Lullaby" for wind band is stunning!  So simple and innocent.  Looking forward to playing this with the Titan Band this year.  Another great work by a great composer.  Check out his website at:

Listen to both the choral version and the wind ensemble arrangement--great piece of literature!

The Seal Lullaby by ericwhitacre


Flash Mob

Check out this cool flash mob at  grocery store over July 4.  Nothing like the Stars and Stripes Forever to motivate your grocery shopping!




Tech Talk--How to Twitter

Twitter is becoming a very popular communication tool. I have found it is very valuable networking tool. Facebook is a great tool as well, but is limited to your network of friends. Twitter puts you in touch with people worldwide. I must admit, my first attempt at Twitter was frustrating. I actually messed around with it for a couple of hours one evening & then didn’t open my Twitter account for several months later.

Twitter up-dates contain a variety of information-- from what people are doing to links to websites, educational information, political feeds, business opportunities, and coupons/web offers/free giveaways.

Twitter is something that you have to just start trying . . . .it takes a couple of days and you will eventually get accustomed to the Twitter lingo and methods. 

Check out Twitter for Beginners to get started!