BEGINNING BAND 2019-20 is being organized now!

Columbus Unified School District has a proud tradition of excellent band programs.  I hope you will consider the opportunities of participation for your child. On Tuesday, May 14 at 6:00 PM, in the Central band room, an organizational meeting will be held for all interested parents and their children. At that time the entrie band training program will be discussed, and all questions you may have concerning matters such as instruments, rental fees, and home practice will be answered. All parents who intend on enrolling their student in band for the 2019-20 school year are asked to attend.

You can also link to Saied Music and obtain an instrument or call them at 800-777-5541.

You and your student may have many questions regarding this important decision, including "Why be in Band?" There are many reasons you should consider instrumental music as a valuable part of your students education, including:


Research shows that music education increases brain development and academic performance. In fact, the study of music can . . .

  • Improve reading & math performance                  
  • Increase SAT and ACT scores
  • Develop quick & decisive thinking


Band is a unique program that brings together students of all interests. The friendships your student can make in band include kids who also participate in sports, FCCLA, FFA, cheerleading, dance, business--you name it! And because band students work as a team, their friendships are based on the important values of trust, cooperation, and unity!


Beyond the confidence that a music education instills, band also educates students about valuable life lessons such as . . .

  • Character development                                              
  • Team building
  • Competing gracefully
  • Travel etiquette
  • Appreciation for art & other cultures
  • Expectations of excellence


For information on instrument rentals link to: Saied Music Company  for complete information on how to purchase, rent or lease an instrument.

Unsure of what brands or types of instruments are of a good quality or maybe you have a used instrument? Link here to obtain information on brands and supplies needed for band.